Practice Evaluations

Occasionally we provide practice evaluations that include sample document files. These are not meant to be used as official exams or evaluations in class. In fact, you can even copy them and alter them as you see fit! Students will also need to copy them to use them online.

Note that some answer keys for these documents are available, via your consultant or upon request to Paul @ LEARN.
In future these documents will likely be protected via a LEARN Social Sciences Community membership. If you are a teacher, you can already FILL OUT THE FORM HERE.

Evaluation Grids: Assessment of Intellectual Operations

Secondary versions of RECITUS Grilles d’évaluation are now available in English too! Visit Translated Evaluation Grids for IO's shared by LBPSB!

Secondary 3 and 4: Revision in action!

During the Congrès 2019 de l’univers social, Lise Proulx and Marie-Josée Morneau presented a serious of "revision documents for the Secondary IV Quebec and Canadian history course that cover the four periods of the program. These materials engage students in reviewing knowledge, working with the resource files, and consolidating curriculum skills." This package of document was translated into English by the DEEN Social Sciences sub-committee.

Students: Copy then use the following files to review the periods indicated:

1840-1896: STUDENT'S HANDBOOK | Document package

1896-1945: STUDENT'S HANDBOOK | Document package

1945-1980: STUDENT'S HANDBOOK | Document package

1980-now: STUDENT'S HANDBOOK | Document package

Teachers: An answer guide is available upon request.