History of Québec and Canada

History of Québec and Canada
An English-language Secondary Student History Site by LEARN & Partners

This site supports students taking Québec's Secondary 3/4 History of Québec and Canada Program, providing resources and learning strategies to schools in the Anglophone and other minority sectors in our province.  Of course, students, parents and educators can freely use this site. Navigate using the time period overview pages in the top menus, then to any available subpages targetting specific topics.  A new Site Inventory map is also available here.  

Please visit all sources for more information and to critically contextualize all documents.
Pour des ressources en français, visitez Histoire du QUÉBEC et du CANADA  et le site principal de RECITUS

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Secondary 3

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Secondary 4

Browse the available topics according to the Time Periods and Social Phenomena below and in menus. (New: Site Inventory map here)

Teacher's Corner Areas

Note that this site is still under development.  Several student pages with original overview texts and embedded activities that students (and even parents) can follow have been posted.  However, some sections still under development might contain only small tasks, along with early access to our main document collections being curated on an ongoing basis.  

At the bottom of each student page, remember to look for a Teacher's Corner area.  There you will find teacher guides, tools and documents designed for educators.  Practice evaluations may also be organized in separate dedicated sections available in the teacher menus at top right.

The Student Toolkit Area

Teachers should also visit the ⚒️ Student Toolkit area link in the top menu.  There you will find some How-tos and other tutorials for doing the Intellectual Operations, lots of graphic organizers you can use, and more!  

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