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About this section and other Teacher's Corner areas!

If you are a teacher and you have found your way here, welcome!
If you are a student or parent, feel free to browse and use what you find here.

Note: Generally most of our teacher resources are found at the bottom of each site section or page. This was in order to place and publish our Google Document versions, and to point to specific guides and tools for that period and topic.

On this page, and in the Teacher menus, you will find tools, strategies and resources that apply to all time periods, or perhaps evaluations that could be used to review content and practice competencies, document analysis, etc. A ⚒️ Student Toolkit Area is also available for tools to demonstrate competency and the I.O.s.

We do have a Social Sciences teachers mailing list, to which we send short newsletters about four times a year. However, with the closing of the Communauté d'Histoire space, and the movement of LEARN to a new platform, this list may become the only way to access protected SocSci resources. If you are an educator and would like join this list, please FILL OUT THE FORM HERE. Or contact me directly at prombough@learnquebec.ca.

Tasks and Practice Evaluations

Occasionally we translate RECITUS document collections and associated student tasks. When completed these often become available in or at the bottom of the corresponding sections of this student site.

However, we also adapt some of their practice evaluations! For those visit the Evaluations Page here.

Graphic Organizer Storehouse

For convenience, we have tried to gather them together here and to loosely organize them around the Historical Thinking concepts and specifically their guideposts document, while also referencing the Social Science Techniques and the Intellectual Operations. Feel free to browse the copies we have set aside here.

Program Tracing Documents as Google Slides

Our resources according to the knowledge to be acquired lists. This is where you can trace through the program knowledge (rather than follow our topic/learning intention structure.). You will also find some program tracing documents for various counter histories (including Black History) that are under development. Visit page here.

⚒️ Student Toolkit Area:

You might notice a little tool icon in the menu. Ostensibly, this is a place for students to find tools that could help them in Social Sciences, on the Exam, while researching, etc. Of course, teachers can and should use some of these great tools too!

Game-based Learning ideas

RECITUS Historical Discussion Cards ➦ Our English adaptation of RECITUS cards that were designed to help students discuss historical topics, and also to interview each other about concepts and course content.

(See also the Elementary Games available here for inspirations.)

Professional Learning in Social Sciences

UDL in a Social Sciences Context:
Resources and Challenges in a Digital Age
Thinking about how you might adjust your History content and practices for all learning styles and experiences? LEARN online resources, in line with the secondary and new adult education history courses, can help you engage your students, explore, use and also interpret events for a variety of situations. Recently I shared a presentation on new templates structured around UDL with some teachers at the ACE Online summit. A video presentation on the First part on Engage is available at https://youtu.be/p5uS6IxKjfk

Social Sciences Online and in a Digital Age

Follow along as new learning scenario examples are added throughout the year. You will find tips, tricks and tools to help you teach online and in a digital age, using LEARN’s various resources, in response to the QEP program's approaches and according to an inquiry learning model. Go to page

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