Practice Evaluations

Occasionally we provide practice evaluations that include sample document files.  These are not meant to be used as official exams or evaluations in class.  Note that you can copy them and alter them as you see fit.  Students will also need to copy them to use them online.  

Update: Some of these documents, including any available answer versions, are being moved to a protected area. 
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Short Answer review questions - Period 1840 to the present 

Short Answer questions - 1840-1896  (New for 2023)

Short Answer questions 1896-1945 (New for 2023)

Short Answer Questions -- 1945-1980 

Short Answer Questions - 1980 to our times  


C1 - Describe Quebec society, between 1867 and 1896, according to territorial and political aspects.

C2 - Explain two consequences of industrialization on society and the economy. 


C1 - Describe Quebec society, between 1896 and 1929, according to territorial and economic aspects.

C2 - Explain the changes caused by the union movement on society and on politics.

Short Answer Questions - A small topic-specific evaluation on the 1930s Situation in Europe is also available. 

1945 to 1980 

C1 - Describe Quebec society, between 1960 and 1980, according to the cultural and social aspects.

C1 - Describe the outcome of negotiations involving certain First Nations in Quebec during the 1970s
C1 - Describe the debate over public sector working conditions that occurred in 1972. 

C2  -  On Duplessis - Modernism or Conservatism? from CSMV (Robillard & Quirion) 

C2 - Explain the economic transformation that occurred in Quebec between 1960 and 1980 by considering the changes in the role of the state and the relations with foreign countries. 

1980 to today

C1 - Describe Quebec society, between 1980 and 1985, according to political and economic aspects.

C2 - Explain the economic changes in light industry and in the advanced technological sector in Quebec beginning in the 1980s.

Evaluation Grids: Assessment of Intellectual Operations & Competencies

Note that secondary versions of some of the RECITUS Grilles d’évaluation are now available in English!  Thanks to LBPSB's Consultant Tania Talbet for sharing:

Secondary 3 and 4:  Revision in action!

During the Congrès 2019 de l’univers social, Lise Proulx and Marie-Josée Morneau presented a serious of "revision documents for the Secondary IV Quebec and Canadian history course that cover the four periods of the program. These materials engage students in reviewing knowledge, working with the resource files, and consolidating curriculum skills."  This package of document was translated into English by the DEEN Social Sciences sub-committee.

Students:  Copy then use the following files to review the periods indicated:

1840-1896:  STUDENT'S HANDBOOK  |  Document package

1896-1945:  STUDENT'S HANDBOOK  |  Document package

1945-1980:  STUDENT'S HANDBOOK  |  Document package

1980-now:    STUDENT'S HANDBOOK  |  Document package

Answer versions of some of these documents may also have been translated.  (Email Paul R for access)

Review tools from other sources 

Nice little collection of #HQC History program exam review questions and tools by @dhedgegrove
Thanks for publishing these Dan!  :-)   https://quizlet.com/dan_hedges8