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Learning Practices and Project Ideas

This is a new section to display some practices and project ideas that could be used during any learning experience.  When possible, we will link to the idea in the context of a specific learning scenario, or from the bottom of the main time period pages.  

Our English adaptation of the card game strategy developed by RECITUS that was designed to help students discuss historical topics, and also to interview each other about concepts and course content.

Here you will find instructions, the game cards themselves, as well as a few sample discussion Google Slide decks (scroll to bottom!) suggesting themes to help students review specific time periods.

 This section of our Elementary site houses several gaming strategies that you could adapt to secondary needs, including card game designs, iSpy and Spot-it games.

Here you will also find our  “How to make a game” page to get started on making your own game, or to help your own students create their own.  There you will find templates for designing games, but also a list of games for inspiration, and to get you “Ideating” big time! 

Cartograf is an open-source, interactive and collaborative mapping and drawing application, built for students in Quebec. Anyone can sign up, create and share maps, collect and analyze images, and work on class projects!  

Visit the Help page for instructions and video tutorials on Creating Maps, Navigation tips, Drawing Tools, adding Images and other Documents to locations and shape areas, etc. Discover how to share a map and to use Cartograf as a collaborative tool.  

Throughout the Secondary 3/4 History you will find project suggestions that focus on a "local history" approach.  At time of writing, your best bet to find examples might just be to search the site itself.

Visit the main Local History page on the LEARN Educator's site for presentations, ideas, and eventually tagged resources that take this approace. 

Every section of LEARN’s secondary history site offers multiple ways to connect to the time period or topic, according to one's own interests and motivations.  Here is a quick idea and some tools to make short Tiktok videos about, let's say, your first impressions, or about any materials you just find interesting!  

Click here for a teacher guide and some student tag images to help direct your choices.