Civil Society

Civil society 

Civil Society = Movements and Associations that express the preoccupations and concerns of citizens of the time.

This site section will examine various groups, organizations, and individuals that operate outside the formal political system while challenging and trying to influence public policy and opinion in order to bring about social, economic and social change.

It will specifically examine current issues and topics related. to:  Inequalities, Demographic Upheaval and Climate Change.

Students will learn to:

Describe the main challenges of the 1980s to today.  

Name and describe organizations dedicated to key changes, and make causal connections between their actions and those of the government. 

Explain the changes and continuities in today's society as they relate to the various civil actions.

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An overview video on Civil Society by the RECITUS is now available in English here.  

As well, their  video on Environmental Concerns is also available here.