Post War Years
Baby Boom, Suburbs and New Immigration

Questions to ask yourself:

How did demographic changes affect Canadian society?

What you will be able to do:

Explain the causes and consequences of the Baby Boom.

Describe the changes on the urban landscape.

Explain the impact of "New Arrivals."

"During the 1950s, [Canadian cities] experienced an economic boom, rapid growth, a dramatic rise in the school population, an increase in ethnic and cultural diversity, and the threat of annihilation in a global nuclear war. The children who entered school during this decade were part of an enormous post war ‘baby boom’. The rapid rise in the number of school-age children posed a huge challenge to [schools and school boards]. The economic prosperity of this time coupled with the increasing availability of new homes, automobiles, and new products such as electrical home appliances and television produced a consumer society strongly influenced by American values and culture."

Source: VSB Archives and Heritage: Chapter 5 - The Fifties

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