First Settlements, Mercantilism and Champlain

Time Period:  1608-1760

Social Phenomenon:   Evolution of colonial society under French rule

Students will grasp the perspective and contribution of various actors and describe what happened at the time of New France (C1).  And while considering multiple perspectives, students will interpret "The evolution of colonial society under French rule" by explaining relations with France, considering various aspects, and analyzing changes and continuities and causes and consequences (C2).

First Settlements, Mercantilism and Champlain 

Consider guiding questions like "Was 1608 a turning point in Canadian history? "  

Learn to describe the first permanent French settlement in Canada, to describe the economic policy of mercantilism, to explain how Champlain strengthened his alliance with First Nation peoples, and to predict the consequences of Champlain’s actions in New France.  

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1608-1760 (#10) 1608 a turning point? First Settlements, Mercantilism, Champlain

Student Task: 

Why can New France in the years 1608-1663 be considered a trading colony? 

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New France a trading colony

New France - Trade Colony? 1608-1663