Royal Proclamation & the King’s Instructions
(Indigenous peoples & the Conquest continued)

Time Period:  1760-1791

Social Phenomenon:   The Conquest and the Change of Empire

Students will grasp the perspective and contribution of various actors and describe what happened during the 1760 to 1791 period.   (C1).  And while considering multiple perspectives, students will interpret "The Conquest and the Change of Empire" by explaining how the change of empire affected colonial society, considering various aspects, and analyzing changes and continuities and causes and consequences (C2).

The Royal Proclamation and the King’s Instructions 
(Indigenous peoples & the Conquest continued)  

Original student texts, materials and student activities considering guiding questions like "Were the British the “Friendly Conquerors”?    To what extent do we owe allegiance to our government?"  You will learn to outline the main points of the Treaty of Paris (1763), explain the consequences of the Royal Proclamation on the government and territory, situate the territorial boundaries determined by the Royal Proclamation, and evaluate the king’s instructions to Governor Murray.  

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1760-1791 (# 22 ) Royal Proclamation and the King’s Instructions (Indigenous peoples & theConquest)