Rivalry and Alliances

Questions to ask yourself:

What happens when cultures collide?

What you will be able to do:

Identify the objects of rivalry between indigenous groups.

Explain the consequences of the system of alliances.

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Origins to 1608 -- (#8) Rivalry and Alliances)

Local History Idea embedded in the above collection:

Indigenous connections to a local village: Abenaki example

This is a sample activity which starts with a few maps of W8banaki territory, then asks students to research, both in terms of what happened to Indigenous groups in the area, and the history of a target village.

Students respond to sample Guiding Question suggestions:
How did the arrival of Europeans affect the W8banaki peoples?
How were the involved in the history of Québec and/or the history of your local region?

View the two maps and the process suggestions here.