Seigneurial System, Adaptations, Slavery

Time Period:  1608-1760

Social Phenomenon:   Evolution of colonial society under French rule

Students will grasp the perspective and contribution of various actors and describe what happened at the time of New France (C1).  And while considering multiple perspectives, students will interpret "The evolution of colonial society under French rule" by explaining relations with France, considering various aspects, and analyzing changes and continuities and causes and consequences (C2).

Seigneurial System, Adaptations, Slavery

Original student texts, materials and student activities considering guiding questions like "What is required for a society to function?"  You will learn to describe the territorial and social organization of a seigneury, to explain the daily life of the peasantry, to explain the adaptation of the peasantry to the conditions in New France, and to describe the significance of slavery on the society of New France. Student site section not yet available.   Curated document collection in progress here

1608-1760 (#17) Colonial society-French rule (Seigneurial System, adaptations, slavery)