Time Period:  1791-1840

Social Phenomenon:   The Demands and Struggles of Nationhood

Students will grasp the perspective and contribution of various actors, and describe what happened during the 1791 to 1980 period.  (C1).  And while considering multiple perspectives, students will interpret "The Demands and Struggles of Nationhood" by considering various aspects and by analyzing changes and continuities and causes and consequences (C2).

Rebellions of 1837-38

Texts, materials and student activities considering guiding questions like "Were the British the “Friendly Conquerors”?    To what extent do we owe allegiance to our government? "  You will learn to describe the main events of the Rebellions in Lower Canada, to describe the main events of the Rebellions in Upper Canada, and to compare and contrast the Rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada. Student site section not yet available.  

Curated document collection in progress here ➦

1791-1840 # 39 -- Rebellions of 1837-38
Sketchnote - the causes of the 1837-38 Rebellion

Student activity on Causes of Rebellion using Sketchnote

Note that a small separate student activity using Sketchnote and on the causes of the 1837-38 Rebellion is available courtesy of our RECIT partners.

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