1980 to our times

Societal Choices in Contemporary Québec

1980 to our times

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Constitutional Crises: Beginnings to Early 1980s

Original student texts, materials and student activities considering guiding questions like "Why did some Québeckers want to have their own country?  Did the Canadian Federation (and Constitution) help protect regional cultures?  What are the connections between language and culture?" 

You will learn to:  indicate the demands made by linguistic groups and the Québec Nationalists, indicate the means used by the provinces to influence the Federal government, indicate the reaction of the governments of Québec and Canada, and to Evaluate the relationship between the Governments of Québec and Canada.

The above learning intentions will also partially include: Identify the actors and actions in the Referendum on Sovereignty Association, 1980, Explain the process of repatriation of the Constitution, and Describe the changes in the Constitution Act 1982.  Click here.

Constitutional Crises: Canada Act, Meech Lake, Charlottetown

Original student texts, materials and student activities considering guiding questions like "How did our new Constitution change things in Canada?  Was it a peoples' constitution?  What role did the media play? Is Canada a Federation of Nations?  What does the word 'distinct'  mean to you, to Québec, to other groups? 

You will learn to: describe the changes in the Constitution Act 1982, describe the elements of the Meech Lake Accord, describe the elements of the Charlottetown Accord, compare and contrast the two Accords, and finally to judge the effects of constitutional negotiations and the 2nd referendum on sovereignty.    Click here.

Social Changes in Society - Demographic, work balance, etc.

Coming soon.  For now page has been made to house RECITUS translations and available video on Aging of the Population!

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Redefinition of the State - Neo- liberalism, social programs, etc.

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Note that an overview video on Neoliberalism by RECITUS is now available in English here.

Civil society - groups, orgs, individuals that operate outside the formal political system but try to influence public policy and opinion

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Note:  An overview video on Civil Society by the RECITUS is now available in English here.  As well, their  video on Environmental Concerns is also available here.

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RECITUS History site in French

Many sections for this period have been developed by our French-sector partners the Recit univers social

Chapters from 1980 to the present include:


Consider also Elementary-Level Resources at Societies and Territories

Various sections of the https://sandt.learnquebec.ca site could be used for this period, including

Quebec around 1980  

Inuit around 1980 until present day   

Mi’kmaq around 1980  

Timeline of key events for the period

We are in the process of translating several timelines constructed by our RECIT partners that are available on their  Histoire du QUÉBEC et du CANADA site.  What has already been translated is available below.  You can also view it in a separate window here.